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Blue Water

Resources to Help You See Clearly

I consistently recommend these to friends, clients & family members. Some are newer, but most are reliable classics.  I'll add more as I think of them, but these stay on the tip of my tongue. If you want a deeper dive into Meditation, HERE are my favorite (mostly free) resources.
Whether you like to read or listen, there's something here for you

Mutual Peer Support Groups - 12 Step and Otherwise

Alcoholics Anonymous - those with (any) desire to stop drinking

Adult Children of Alcoholics (& Other Dysfunctional Families) - check Traits on home page

Al-Anon Family Groups  - those affected by someone else's use of alcohol

Buddhist Recovery Network - various types, addiction/MH support utilizing Buddhist tools

Codependents Anonymous - those seeking healthier relationships

COSA Recovery - those affected by another's compulsive sexual behavior

Debtors Anonymous - relief for effects of unsecured debt on self or others

Deep South Dharma - online meditation training and Buddhist education

Depression/BiPolar Support Alliance - groups and education

Eating Disorders Anonymous - those desiring to recover from eating disorder(s) 

Emotions Anonymous - open to anyone desiring greater emotional well-being

Families Anonymous - concerned w/another's drug use or related behaviors

Flowering Lotus Meditation - online meditation groups and regular in-person retreats

Marijuana Anonymous - to be free of having to get high

Mar-Anon Family Groups - those affected by another's marijuana use

Narcotics Anonymous - those with a desire for freedom from drugs, including alcohol

Nat'l Alliance on Mental Illness - groups for mental illness sufferers & caregivers

Oxford Mindfulness Group - free mindfulness practice group in Oxford MS

S-Anon - support for family and friends of those with compulsive sexual behaviors

Sex Addicts Anonymous - for those who want to stop compulsive sexual behavior

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous - for those who want to stop living addictive patterns

Trauma/Addiction Savvy Therapists & Other Providers I Refer To


Ashley Dickey LPC - Specializes in Neurodiversity (Gifted, ADHD, AUD)

Carolyn Jenkins, LPC, Pathways Counseling - Certified Trauma Therapist

Casey Hester, PMHMP-BC - Psychiatric Provider at Life Balance LLC

Dean Worsham LCSW and Arise Psychiatry - a new exciting resource in Oxford

Carrie Carr LPCP and Hope Enrichment Center - trauma healing and training

Jondelyn Catlette LPC, Mend Counseling - for grief, trauma, codependence recovery

Leigh Jones LCSW - deep experience treating addiction and family members

Kana Crumby, LPC - Specialities in Co-Occurring and LBGTQ-Affirming Work

Spark Neurofeedback - Non-medication option for tx of ADHD, mood disorders, & more

Stephen Pannel, DO, ABPN, ABAM, Psychiatrist - including Genome Testing

Susannah Furr, LPC - Transpersonal/Intuitive Counseling in MS & NC


Alisha Irby LPC-MHSP - Trauma, addiction, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders

Allan J Katz LPC-MHSP CSAT - Treats sex, porn, gambling addictions, betrayal trauma

Allison Dowsley LCSW - Certs in neurofeedback, Brainspotting, breathwork, yoga

Arbor Wellness - Residential treatment for mental health/trauma, includes Brainspotting

Becca Davis LPC-MHSP CSAT - Trauma, addiction, codependency, intimacy disorders

Bethany Winfield LMFT - Couples/families, trauma/addiction/co-occurring disorders

Christine Ranck - Internationally recognized Brainspotting trainer/consultant in Nashville

Cumberland Heights - Treatment for drug addiction (Family Program available to anyone)

Deborah Denson - Rule 31 Mediator/Divorce Coach trained in NonViolent Communication 

Gaia Center for Embodied Healing - Ind & groups, e.d., trauma, sex therapy, ecopsych

Jeff Browning LADAC II - Adolescents/adults, addiction, trained meditation instructor

Jeannie Ingram LPC - Specialty is 'Getting the Love You Want' Workshops for Couples

Jessica Hirsch LADAC II - Addiction & families, sound healing, Brainspotting

Jill Merkel RD - Intuitive Eating Dietition for Women - GREAT education on her site 

Judy Gibson 7 Directions Acupuncture - Individual and Community Acupuncture 

Karen Moran LADAC II - Seasoned addiction care for individuals/groups + Brainspotting

Margaret L Conley LCSW MDiv - Brainspotting, IFS, Black spirituality & emotional care

Milestones at Onsite - Trauma treatment (not primary addiction), includes Brainspotting

Mindful Nashville - I was proud to be a small part of its beginnings with Patrick and Mikey!

Onsite Intensives - Short-term (long weekend) experientials, world-renowned

Tyler Nicodem, MA - Treating toxic shame, spiritual trauma, LBGTQIA+ church hurt

Willows Health & Recovery - psychiatric care, spavato, ketamine, MAT, Genome Testing

Dharma Siblings - Teachers/Spiritual Guidance I know and trust

All of these are available online in some capacity: I'm sharing where they are located just for interest

Beth Herzig - meditation teacher, retreat director, tech support in Dharma circles (MS)

Rev Dustin Davis - Clear, kind teacher at Mountain Mindfulness Society (TN)

Rev George Beecher - Dharma teaching in person and Virtual Reality/TRIPP (GA)

Kevin Griffin - more wise uncle than sibling, but belongs on this list of trusted teachers (CA)

Lisa Ernst Meditation - long-time practitioner, seasoned teacher, grounded in integrity (TN)

Rev Mikey Noechel - his fitting Dharma name means "healer of the broken-hearted" (TN)

Noell Clark - meditation training for imprisoned thru Boundless Freedom Project (TN)

Patrick Nitch - founder of Mindful Nashville, cultivator of internal & external harmony (TN)

Susmita Barua - highly intuitive, a great teacher for the non-linear among us (CA)

Venerable Pannavati Maha Theri - Now primarily offering esoteric teachings, this Abbott and Co-Founder of Heartwood Refuge hosts online training and retreats.

The (late) Venerable Pannadipa Thero - one of my preceptors, Ven. Pannadipa gave me my Dharma name (to work toward) "Passatininna: One who sees clearly." He was able to elucidate equally Christian Scripture and Buddhist Suttas. His core teaching reflects this, too: "Love everybody, everywhere, all the time." Many thanks to Abhaya Darpana for creating this archive of Pannadipa's teachings

Other Resources I Often Share and Think You Should Know About

Association for Size Diversity and Health - advocacy for public health policy improvement

The Beautiful Human App - mindful recovery re body image, includes Brainspotting

Bewilderness Writing - writing with freedom from inner critic with poet/teacher Ellis Elliott

Body Justice Brainspotting - for competent, size-inclusive counseling & advocacy

Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison, author of The Wellness Trap
Gaia Center Resource Page - Intersectional Liberation + Anti-Racism + Ecopsychology

Green Shoe Foundation - Incredible & affordable intensives for codependency

Kevin Griffin's Groups for People in Recovery - The O.G. Buddhism & 12 Steps Author
Intuitive Eating Hub - Expert, low-cost help from recovered binger Intuitive.Eating.Ireland

Jill Merkel's Resource Page - for all sorts of HAES/Intuitive Eating education 

Southeast Brainspotting Institute - making Brainspotting more accessible

Ten-Percent Happier Podcast - mindfulness themed podcast with Dan Harris

Weight and Healthcare - Ragen Chastain reviews weight research and weight stigma

Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetics - great trainings and info


Accepting Your Resurrection - Contemplative essays. If local you can have 1 at the office

The Artist's Way - Classic for recovering creativity from addictions and excuses

The Beautiful Human - Ebook by Yours Truly, on TBH App, mindful recovery re body image

Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice - Great info and exercises for every area of life

Creative Recovery - Treating addiction using your natural creativity

The Dance of Anger - or any other book by Harriet Lerner

Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage - some of the best chapters on marriage are here

The Emotional Incest Syndrome - Terrible title, terrific and valuable book

Facing Codependence - Pia Mellody's groundbreaking work still breaking ground

Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience - Memoir that sheds light on Buddhism

Genograms - for therapists, but great info on family generational patterns

The Grief Recovery Handbook - for death, divorce, innocence, faith, health, career

Getting the Love You Want - An Oprah (and my) favorite for couples - Imago therapy

Giving the Love that Heals - Imago therapy principles in parenting

How Al-Anon Works - good for members and/or professionals

How to Be an Adult in Relationships - based on 5 needed aspects of mindful loving

Language of Letting Go - one of the best daily readers for giving real info and help

Mastering Creative Anxiety - Anxiety from creating or not creating, take your pick!

The Screwtape Letters - My favorite CS Lewis book, another take on the critical inner voice

That's Funny, You Don't Look Buddhist - by a faithful Jew and passionate Buddhist

Unseating the Inner Tyrant - by Ajahn Sucitto, free download

The Wellness Trap - by Christy Harrison cuts through fads with information

Women, Sex & Addiction - by Charlotte Kasl, a larger view than usually seen

Yes, Your Parents are Crazy - One of a pair, this one is for teens

Yes, Your Teen is Crazy - One of a pair, this one for the adults 



Accepting Your Resurrection


by Christie Bates (2008)

Described as "a must-read for anyone seeking transformation," this collection of essays uses stories from the New Testament to explore how the lay person might reclaim and reframe language that had previously controlled, so that it may support and inspire.



Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

by Joyce Catlett, Lisa Firestone and Robert Firestone - 

Helps dismantle the train tracks that allow addictions, compulsion and attachments to set the limits on who we can be and what we can choose. Every chapter illustrates how the Voice affects a different area of life and includes very doable, profound questionnaires and exercises.

Oxford Mindfulness (OM) Group

With others in my community, I co-host a mindfulness practice group for one hour Sundays at 4:30pm CT. We meet in the front lobby of 2692 West Oxford Loop in Oxford MS. We meditate, read, and discuss together. Currently, our readings are from the book Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hahn. 

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