Health At Every Size

If you are like most people, you have existed somewhere along the continuum of struggle in relationship to the body - from a hyper-focus on body image to disordered eating to a full-blown eating disorder. I am part of the Health At Every Size Community for several reasons.


As a licensed professional counselor, it is important to me that people are educated as to the success of the HAES approach in healing such disorders and improved health outcomes. The growing body of research indicates the HAES approach actually leads to a lasting improvement in health in the long term.


As a contemplative therapist and meditation teacher, I recognize the body as a precious resource for intuitive wisdom and guidance that deserves our care, respect and appreciation. It is not an object to be sized or shaped to suit the prevailing ego structures of any culture in time.


As a Brainspotting professional, I can help you clear the effects of lifelong chronic trauma caused by diet culture.