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Health At Every Size (R) ~ Seeing clearly changes things


Like most people, you may be on the continuum of struggle in relationship to your body - from a focus on body image to disordered eating to a full-blown eating disorder. I'm a member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health for several reasons:


1) I value justice for ALL bodies. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, it is important to me that people are educated as to the success of the Health at Every Size (R) approach in improving health outcomes. 

2) As a contemplative Minister, I recognize the body as a precious resource for intuitive wisdom and guidance that deserves our care, respect and appreciation. It is not to be molded to fit the passing ideals of any culture in time. For more on this, see my accessible #antidietdharma e-book and courses at The BeautifulHuman School on Teachable.


3) I want to give you access to Brainspotting for healing the brain from chronic trauma perpetrated in diet culture. Brainspotting can help you heal your relationship to the body, movement, food, and yourself!

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