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Seeing clearly changes things

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Wonderful therapist, teacher and human, she

leads with heart and wisdom. You will love her.
                                                                               ~ Andrew K


Christie is a well-rounded and impactful clinician. I highly recommend her as a clinician and spiritual director.                                                                  ~ Carrie C

Christie is a masterful and compassionate teacher

of Buddhist practice. She intertwines many layers

of understanding of the ways our psyches and lives work into her teaching in such an insightful and helpful way.                                                    ~ Catherine R


I know Christie through mutual clients and friends. She is a compassionate listener. As a trauma- informed massage therapist myself, (I find that) she

is mindful and respectful of the role of our bodies in therapeutic processes. Christie truly understands how trauma lodges itself deeply within our bodies

and affects our whole being-body, mind and spirit.

                                                                                         ~ Gail F

Christie is very knowledgeable in the areas of both psychology and spirituality, and she blends them beautifully. She is an esteemed colleague, and I am grateful to know her.                                      ~ Lindsay V

Christie is a grounded, authentic and very present woman full of wisdom. She's a great guide.

                                                                                  ~ Tammy R

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The Author

Rev Christie Bates LPC (Acharya Passatininna) is a therapist, ordained contemplative minister, and the author of Accepting Your Resurrection, as well as author/minister of The Beautiful Human, offering training in mindful recovery for body preoccupation & the associated grief that accompanies change.

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