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The Beautiful Human:

Contemplative wisdom for moving beyond diet culture to create a life of real and lasting beauty 

Current project! It's an e-book and course, along with a monthly training community offered via Teachable at "The Beautiful Human!" You could think of this as Buddhist recovery for disordered eating and body image obsession. Stay tuned for more info as it develops, and let me know if you want to be notified when it's available!


Articles on Medium

Read me at and ~If you don't happen to subscribe to Medium, message me for a "friend link" to read any article I post!

Accepting Your Resurrection

"Opening with an invocation and closing with a benediction, this book offers eight meditations on words that have too often been used to serve fear – repentance, humility, piety, acceptance, compassion, justice, loyalty and perfection."


My first book, Accepting Your Resurrectionwas written during the time in my life that I most often spoke the language of contemplative Christianity. Although I no longer primarily speak that language, the book remains as as a practical and helpful resource for those who do, so I continue to make it available here, where you can get it in ebook or paperback. 

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