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Spiritual Direction ~ Seeing clearly changes things 

Always rooting for your Authentic Self

When you want some insight into next steps that would allow you to express your authentic nature, you may be interested in spiritual direction. As an ordained contemplative lay minister, I offer this service both in-person and through secure online portal. My ordination makes this possible wherever you live!


The process of spiritual direction does not require you to succumb or agree to anyone else's religious understanding. The relationship with a spiritual director is one in which you are offered tools and support that allow you to see clearly what matters most to you and how you might serve or express that. In my practice, this includes the Brainspotting for discernment.


I have a deep respect for the various traditions that help us find our way. I have trained in so-called secular mindfulness in mental health settings, served as a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) elder in the 1990s and a Unity chaplain in the early 2000s. In October 2016, a path of practice and study of Buddhism that began in earnest in the early 1990's culminated in ordination as a Dharmacharya (Dharma Teacher, Minister) of the Embracing Simplicity Contemplative Order. I was ordained by Venerable Pannavati and the late Venerable Pannadipa, who gave me my Dharma name, Passatininna.










A Dharma name is an indicator of one's potential, what one values & intends.  Passatininna means "One who sees clearly." This is especially meaningful to me as someone who uses Brainspotting as part of spiritual practice. If you seek clarity about what means most to you, my intention is to see and mirror clearly your needs and gifts. Spiritual direction is available wherever you go! Costs matches my counseling fees, $250 for 50 min, $350 for 90, $500 for 120.

For ongoing contemplative training, see the free resources at the Meditation tab, as well as the very accessible e-book and courses available on The Beautiful Human App on Apple or Google.

Some of the Embracing Simplicity Contemplative Order
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