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Passati Counseling & Direction 

It's time to see who you really are 

Rev Christie Bates LPC
Rev Christie Bates LPC, C-BSP
Brainspotting Practitioner & Spiritual Director
Licensed Professional Counselor

Ordained Contemplative Minister 
Online for Counseling in TN, MS, FL
Worldwide for Mindfulness-Based Spiritual Direction

In-office: 2692 W Oxford Lp, Ste 112, Oxford MS
TN #3670 ~ MS #2424 ~ FL TMPC #2146 ~ BCTMH #1905 
Embracing Simplicity Contemplative Order #166

So you did it. You got the kids raised, the promotions you wanted, the movies made, written the books or songs. You may have even picked up some awards along the way. Anyone watching from the outside would say you've made it, that your life is a success. 

You don't deny that you've been able to see some dreams come true, and you sure don't want to seem ungrateful. But somewhere along the way, in the process of creating this life you've worked so hard for, you left something of yourself behind. Or maybe you never found the real you that you thought was waiting on the other side of that goal line. 

Let me help. I've worked with thousands of people in your shoes to provide space and guidance for doing your most exciting work yet - traveling the path your own mind knows how to take, under the right conditions - the journey home to yourself.

Still have a full schedule of obligations? 
Don't want a new ongoing calendar item? 
I get it! Booking just a few of my limited extended sessions
(90 - 120 min) might be the better option for you.

Take a look at the Brainspotting page for details.

Brainspotting lets your brain to see what it needs
When you're ready to pursue something more lasting than that "perfect" body, The Beautiful Human App is here for you!

Built around my ebook and audio course,
The Beautiful Human:
Contemplative Wisdom for Going Beyond Diet Culture
to Create a Life of Real and Lasting Beauty 
offers access to community support and further resources

Get it now on Apple Apps or Google Play Store and preview free samples
from the audio book, meditations and other practices for developing
10 Qualities of a truly Beautiful Human!
Download the Beautiful Human App Now!
Download the Beautiful Human App Now!

Christie talks about Brainspotting, families, and the stigma faced by visible people seeking help on The Thomas Mayo Lab Podcast 

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