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Save the Date! NC Retreat in April 2018

Chambers of the Heart: Abiding in Freedom from Compassion Fatigue April 4-8, 2018

Just as we have four chambers of the heart, we have four essential heart qualities that can help us face and metabolize experience. They are known as the Divine Abodes ~ lovingkindness, compassion, altruistic joy, & equanimity We can practice so that in the daily grind of working to relieve and eliminate suffering, the Abodes are actually nourished and strengthened, not depleted or crushed.

I am offering this retreat freely for anyone rendering service to others on a regular basis. Whether in a weekly volunteer capacity, working 40+ hours a week, or providing care to beloved people or rescue animals at home, you can learn how not to succumb to compassion fatigue. You can use your service to awaken and develop the chambers of the heart that offer you shelter in the midst of it all.

Come energize and refuel in community with others who share your passion for caring, and allow yourself to be cared for at beautiful Heartwood Refuge, an affordable, diverse and ecumenical retreat center in Hendersonville NC. Fees for reservation are minimal, but the food and accommodations are wonderful.

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