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Flower Blossoms

A Year to Really Live

a course of practice 

and discovery with

Christie Bates

It's time to register for the 2021-2022 cohort! This year, a cohort of helpers and healers appears to be forming! Email Christie for registration and details!

Based on the book by (almost) the same name, as well as other works, the class

"A Year to (Really) Live" is an experience designed to help you live fully this year, now.

Each month you'll have a live 90-minute online class with your cohort (typically $75), and you'll schedule an online monthly session for spiritual direction with Christie ($150.) Outside of a class package, that would be $225 per month; ($2700 for the full course.) PLUS you'll receive practice assignments & other resources to support you all year.


Either option for registration gives you some degree of discount:

Commit to the 12-month class with an initial deposit of $600 followed by $200/month for the next 10 months (Total of $2600)


Register with $2,450 up front for the whole year, for an additional $150 discount

(Your total discount is $250 with this option)


Our next cohort begins summer 2021! We'll meet the 2nd Thursday of each month 630-8pm Central Time.

Email Christie for registration.


PS: Since we'll be meeting online, it's more efficient for you to get your own copy of the book A Year to Live by Stephen Levine. Christie will provide any other course materials.

"To overcome our fear of death,

we must first overcome the fear of life"

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